Save Resources and Improve Yield

Requirements & Targets

High quality requirements for solar wafers:

  • Need for high quality wafers for high effi ciency cells
  • Zero tolerance for chippings and stains that deteriorate the optical impression of the cell
  • Zero tolerance for edge breakage – no market for broken cells

Inspection Solution


  • Matrix camera technology for easy integration and optimum inspection results
  • Resolutions down to 25 μm for ideal defect detection at Cycle times < 1 sec
  • Patented ISRA / GP Dome technology with isotropic and chipping illumination for highest detection rate and lowest false rejects
  • Multi-Image processing for detection of chippings, surface stains and edge breakage
  • Calibration concept designed for easy line-to-line recipe transfer (copy-exact)

System Application

Incoming wafer inspection in-line

  • Inspect incoming wafers for surface defects, contour breakage and correct metrology
  • Quality grading of wafers and sorting of material not compliant with quality requirements
  • 100 % control of each solar cell - 100 % defect detection

Benefits for Production

Invest now into your key to cost saving and improved quality:

  • Robust and reliable detection and sorting of all relevant defects prior to processing
  • Reduce scrape rate and increase production yield by sorting out of defective material
  • Reclaim contaminated material, and get refuded from the supplier through documented proof of contaminated material