Optical Module Quality Control with MOD-Q VISION

Ensure High Quality Shipment by Automatic Classification: Fast, Detailed and Low Underkill

Requirements & Targets

High quality requirements for solar modules

  • Precise alignment of cells and strings required
  • Detect debris, broken cells, foreign objects to ensure high fabrication quality
  • Avoid variations of cell color inside a module

Inspection Solution


  • 100 % automated inspection of modules based on cell inspection technology – supports all cell designs
  • Easiest integration into state-of-the-art module production lines
  • Cycle times as low as < 20 sec. per module
  • Resolutions down to < 100 μm per pixel

System Application

100 % automatic, optical in-line inspection

  • Optical inspection of module front sides before lamination detects foreign objects, broken cells, missing tabbings and wrong layup
  • Inspection of module front sides after lamination checks bubbles, misaligned strings and lamination faults
  • Outgoing optical inspection at the end of the line sorts out color variations and optical flaws

Benefits for Production

Key to cost savings and improved quality

  • Ensure optical „A“ grade in production, increase product quality
  • Reduce scrap rate by checking for common faults before lamination
  • Establish a quality definition based on measured data from automatic inspection
  • Define a global quality standard – same module quality grading, at every plant worldwide
  • Zero tolerance defect quality control