Electroluminescence Inspection with MOD-Q EL

Increased Module Reliability and Guaranteed Long Lifetime with Automatic Detection of Invisible Defects

Requirements & Targets

Electroluminescence achieves state-of-the-art control in module manufacturing

  • Detect defects on cells, strings and interconnects before lamination
  • Undetected defects in the finished module can reduce lifetime and performance

Inspection Solution


  • 100 % automatic in-line and off-line electroluminescence inspection of modules
  • Automatic or manual contacting
  • Inspection times < 20 sec. per module
  • Pixel resolutions down to 100 μm
  • Small footprint, long-edge- or short-edge-leading, sunny side down
  • Suitable for pre-lamination, post-lamination and framed modules
  • Automatic defect detection and classification

System Application

In-line and off-line inspection of modules

  • Automatic detection of cracks, inactive areas, mismatched cells, wrong interconnects and other defects before lamination
  • Full testing of laminated modules for quality problems
  • Automatic quality classification based on optical inspection

Benefits for Production

Key to cost savings and improved quality

  • Pre-lamination inspection allows for identification and replacement of defective cells or strings prior to lamination – yield improvement and cost reduction
  • Final outgoing control sorts out any bad parts, reduces warranty costs and quality discussions arising from shipment of poor quality
  • 100 % automated inspection for constant product quality, anytime, anywhere
  • Zero tolerance defect quality control