The standard process for wet chemical texturing of mono-crystalline Si-wafers includes a high content of IPA (Isopropyl alcohol). This causes an organic contamination of the waste water and results in high costs for waste water treatment.
So far, processing without IPA was inhomogeneous and unsteady and resulted in poor texturing quality.

The new ALKA-TEX .Free increases the texturing results dramatically without using IPA.  
It ensures an easier process control compared to the standard IPA process and the lifetime of the chemical bath is significantly enlarged.
ALKA-TEX .Free shows higher average efficiencies, lower material consumption and therefore offers a huge savings potential.


  • Stable IPA free texturing process
  • Reduced costs for waste water treatment
  • Low additive consumption
  • Higher average cell efficiency
  • Longer bath lifetime
  • Ready for high temperature processing