High Sorting Purity with Low Overkill and Underkill

Requirements & Targets

High quality requirements for front side print of solar cells

  • Higher quality requirements, tighter quality tolerance window
  • Optimal optical impression required, zero tolerance for discolorations, stains, or visible print defects

Inspection Solution


  • Resolutions down to 25 μm
  • Matrix camera technology for best metrology
  • Cycle times < 1 sec. with highest detection rate and lowest false rejects
  • Easy integration into any state-of-the-art sorters
  • ISRA / GP Light Dome technology: smart design for high performance and fast ROI
  • Multi-image processing for detection of low-contrast defects at highest throughputs

System Application

Inspect In-line – color and print in a single system

  • Inspection of arbitrary print patterns for front, rear, dual, double, bifacial, IBC or plating
  • Inspection of single and multi layer coatings for color impression and coating defects
  • Quality grading of solar cells based on optical quality of print, coating and cell surface
  • 100 % control of each solar cell - 100 % defect detection

Benefits for Production

Invest in the key to cost savings and improve quality

  • Robust and reliable detection and sorting of all relevant defects
  • Define a global quality standard, and deliver same quality to your customers
  • Optimize the process with detailed production statistics including optical quality
  • Zero defect tolerance with the highest yield (99.9 %)