Stable Colors and Improved Process Yield at 4,000 Cells / h and More

Requirements & Targets

High quality requirements for solar cells

  • Tight tolerance window for coating process, layer thickness and target film color
  • Optical impression requires zero tolerance for discolorations, inhomogeneous coating or visible surface defects

Inspection Solution


  • Matrix or linescan camera technology for easy integration and optimal inspection results
  • Cycle times < 1 sec. with highest detection rate and lowest false rejects
  • Multi-image processing for detection of low-contrast defects at highest throughputs
  • Calibration concept designed for easy line-to-line recipe transfer (copy-exact)

System Application

Inspect in-line – high precision coating thickness

  • Inspection of single layer, graded layer and multilayer coatings for color impression, color homogeneity and coating defects
  • Quality grading of coated wafers based on optical quality of coating color, optical layer thickness, homogeneity and defects
  • 100 % control of each solar cell – 100 % defect detection

Benefits for Production

Invest now into your key to cost saving and improved quality

  • Robust and reliable detection and sorting of all relevant defects
  • Save print paste by sorting before printing, check possibility of rework to improve yield
  • Optimized production quality by faster feedback loops
  • Zero defect tolerance with the highest yield (99.9 %)