Crack Detection in Cells with SOLARSCAN-MICRO-D

Higher Quality, Less Breakage

Requirements & Targets

Crack detection in processed solar cells:

  • Small damage leads to cell breakage, and broken cell in stacks can cause breakage during shipment
  • Detect micro-cracks in processed cells prior to packing and shipment – prior to stringing in module manufacturing

Inspection Solution


  • Optical Crack Detection in processed solar cells, without contacting to avoid breakage
  • Patented imaging technology sensitive only to micro-cracks – highest detection rate and lowest false rejects
  • Easy integration into any state-of-the-art wafer handling system

System Application

In-line inspection of solar cells for microcracks

  • Detect micro-cracks in solar cells prior to sorting and packing
  • Detect micro-cracks in solar cells prior to stringing

Benefits for Production

Invest now into key to cost saving and improved quality:

  • Identify and sort out bad material to avoid shipment of broken wafers
  • Sort out cells with cracks prior to stringing to avoid breakage and increase throughput and yield in module manufacturing
  • Deliver higher quality to customer with ”crack-inspected cells“, and obtain better prices