Higher Print Quality for Current and Future Print Patterns and Cell Concepts

Requirements & Targets

Printing and inspection of thin fingers and small structures

  • Smaller print structures – reduce paste consumption and shading to increase efficiency and save costs
  • High quality standards for optical impression: no defects tolerated – zero underkill rate
  • Flexibility to inspect the latest innovative print pattern designs
  • Detect micro interruptions and other small defects that deteriorate electrical performance

Inspection Solution


  • Resolutions down to 25 μm for detection of the smallest defects
  • Matrix camera technology for precise metrology
  • Cycle times < 1 sec. with the highest detection rate and the lowest false rejects
  • Easy integration into any state-of-the-art screen printer equipment
  • ISRA / GP Light Dome technology: smart design for high performance and fast ROI

System Application

Inspect in-line, directly after printing

  • Inspection of arbitrary print patterns for front, rear, dual, double, bifacial, IBC or plating
  • Fast feedback loops for process optimization and quality improvement
  • Statistical process control functions for early identification of serial defects and process deviations
  • Detection of defect clusters (micro interruptions) that deteriorate electrical performance, even when smaller than detection limit

Benefits for Production

Avoid consecutive faults and save production costs

  • Reduce production costs by saving resources
  • Fast detection and correction of print problems
  • Robust and reliable detection and sorting of all relevant defects
  • Reliable print inspection for a global quality level
  • Process performance improvement and process optimization
  • Zero defect tolerance with the highest yield (99.9 %)