Better Understanding your Process

Requirements & Targets

High quality requirements for raw wafer material:

  • Only fault free cells accepted for module manufacturing
  • Fast trace-back of reasons for bad calls or reduced yield

Inspection Solution


  • Photoluminescence Imaging of Cells
  • ISRA / GP YIELDMASTER technology based on matrix cameras with superior signal-to-noise ratio - smart design for unbeaten performance and fast ROI
  • Patented technology for Rseries Imaging – Rs imaging superior to electroluminescence, without contacting

System Application

In-line photoluminesce inspection of solar cells

  • Detection and Identification of process faults
  • Patented Rseries Imaging to reveal series resistance problems
  • Identifi cation between intrinsic (material) and extrinsic (process-related) defects for case study and fault correction

Benefits for Production

Invest now into the key to cost savings and improved cell quality:

  • Detect contacting problems easily with Rseries imaging, and rectify immediately
  • Detect cell deficiencies, trace back to the process step causing trouble, and improve process step to obtain better cell performance
  • Increase production yield and process performance by better understanding of the process