Inspection Technology
High-end inspection solutions including 2-D, 3-D, color defect classification and SPC software functionalities for PV and other high-tech industries

Our development of high-resolution inspection solutions are already established in the PV industry world-wide and are used for applications in other high-tech industries as well.

Innovative process- and quality control solutions (automated optical inspection – AOI) can guarantee production monitoring with very short processing time and highest quality standards. We deliver vision inspection hardware as well as software and system integration.

High-end vision inspection means 2D- and 3D-defect check of products and process control with an accuracy down to micro-meter scale. The systems are able to work with samples on-the-fly with a belt speed of up to 400mm/sec. and a processing time of below 1 second.

Sample sizes of 100x100mm² up to large-area samples of even 2.000x2.000mm² can be inspected with a resolution of down to 25µm. The process control includes geometrical checking (positioning and contour inspection) as well as color analyzation or coating monitoring (depending on coating material down to an accuracy of 1nm).

A platform concept makes it easy to apply specific requirements for different applications. The inspection solution are scalable from hard- and software (e.g. due to a master-slave software structure).

Automatic calibration control enables an efficient global-identical and system-independent quality control of products in combination with local SPC functionalities (statistical process control) and an efficient process control concept.

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