Software solutions for defect analysis, classification, calibration and process control (SPC)

The inspection and classification of our vision systems are based on own developed extra-fast algorithms. A flexible customizable defect classification concept makes recipe tuning extremely fast and leads to reliable classification results.
A database is used for live classification of final result within one second cycle time and leads to a robust process control.

Classical SPC functionalities are implemented on the local software suite and enables user to implement yield control, SP-control and detailed defect-based result priorization. In combination with a LAN-based process visualization the systems offer process- and quality-control functionality as standard centralized MES systems with a higher flexibility and better options for process improvement management.

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Software Solutions

Local statistical process control – SPC

SPC functions are already implemented in standard inspection software suite of every single vision system;
Simple handling and efficienct process control without complex MES implementation

Defect analysis and classification

Detaillierte kundenspezifische Defektkataloge in Verbindung mit einer einfachen, robusten, datenbankbasierten Rezepterstellung sind die Grundlage für erfolgreiche Prozess- und Qualitätsüberwachung.

Fast and complex database analysis

Our vision-based inspection tools have implemented a database for complex & flexible defect classification.
This makes it possible to define global quality standards for different world-wide production locations.

Platform concept for additional sensor integration

All inspection systems of GP Solar Inspect are able to use an easy interface for additional sensor integration and implementation into the existing classification recipe