Production Fitness
Switch into quality mode

We support you in:

  • Reducing production costs to a minimum
  • Reaching highest efficiencies
  • Producing high-quality solar cells

GP Production Fitness Solution

  • Switch from throughput to quality production
  • Zero tolerance for defects to „Push the maximum efficiency to higher values“
  • Take full advantage of process & quality control


  • Use of Statistical Process Control (SPC) functionalities and Local Yield control for every process step
  • Improvement of print position accuracy to 3 µm
  • SOFT-VIEW Tool for competitive benchmarking of different lines

GP Production Fitness Elements

Free of charge Analysis

  • ISRA VISION / GP Solar Service & Customer Care Engineers evaluate your measurement equipment onsite
  • Production Line Service & Operation Checklist
  • Inspection Recipe Checklist
  • Process Control Checklist
  • No cost - no risks – no commitment:  you can only profit!

Expert Consultation

  • Definition of System Performance Levels and identification of Optimization Potentials of your inspection tools
  • Recommendations for Production Improvement


We improve the performance of your entire production line.