Thermal Solar
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for Solar Thermal applications

3D In-line inspection of solar parabolic mirrors - fast, precise and reliable

The demand for solar parabolic mirrors being put into operation to exploit solar energy is increasing around the world. To assure that the production process is economically efficient, the ever growing number of cycles requires that the mirrors undergo an automatic 3D in-line inspection. This camera-based inspection of solar parabolic mirrors is easier, faster and more accurate than any comparable laser gauging technology. The system's extreme reliability assures top inspection quality every time. All requirements for the production of solar parabolic mirrors are satisfied without any restrictions.

The user benefits from the excellent cost-benefit ratio and quality data to be used for process optimization.

Main system features at one view:

  • Standard components for easy maintenance
  • Flexible, adjustable to production conditions
  • Fast, accurate, 100% gauging within cycle time
  • Highest accuracy by sophisticated algorithms
  • Gauging before (glass) or with coating (mirror)
  • No moving parts