Detection of the Smallest Cracks with NANO-D

Higher Productivity and Line Uptime by Reliable Sort-Out of Instable Wafers

Requirements & Targets

Save resources and improve yield with micro crack detection

  • Reduce production costs with better use of consumables and process only good wafers
  • Increase production yield by reducing breakage during processing

Inspection Solution


  • Patented imaging technology sensitive only to micro cracks – highest detection rate and lowest false rejects
  • Easy integration into any state-of-the-art wafer handling system, proven in more than 100 installations worldwide
  • Cycle times < 1 sec.: smart design for high performance and fast ROI

System Application

Reliable crack detection

  • Detection of micro cracks in incoming inspection and all following processes up to full area Al metallization
  • Robust and reliable detection and sorting of defective wafers as early as possible in the process

Benefits for Production

Benefit from the key to cost saving and improved quality

  • Reduce production costs by saving resources – use material and machines to process only wafers that do not break
  • Less breakage in the line reduces downtime and increases production throughput
  • Reclaim breakage – improve manufacturing and wafer handling process for wafer suppliers
  • Early detection of cracks in wafer to reduce costs in solar cell production