Wafer Quality Grading with YIELDMASTER PL – Wafer

Predict cell efficiency on wafer level

Requirements & Targets

High quality requirements for raw wafer material:

  • Need for high quality wafers to process high efficiency solar cells
  • Cost pressure for cell manufacturers - expensive process and consumables leave no space for processing defective material

Inspection Solution


  • ISRA / GP YIELDMASTER technology: smart design for unbeatable performance and fast ROI
  • Precise prediction of cell effi ciency based on raw wafer analysis
  • Identification of critical and uncritical defects for higher accuracy of efficiency prediction
  • Laser-certified housings – easy inline integration with cycle times < 1 sec

System Application

In-line inspection of raw wafer material

  • Prediction of efficiency potential
  • Wafer quality grading based on crystal defects, impurities, and efficiency potential
  • Identifi cation and sorting of bad material

Benefits for Production

Invest now into the key to cost saving and improved quality:

  • Easily identify material based of defects found to optimize total line performance
  • Invest in process only on good wafers – reduce production costs by saving process consumables
  • Higher production yield and better process performance when processing only good material
  • Reclaim bad wafers and get refunded by the supplier with documented quality