Research Project

Development of metal pastes for n-type solar cells


ISRA VISION / GP Solar, Germany, together with the International Solar Energy Research Center Constance (ISC Konstanz e.V.) have received funding from the German environment ministry (BMU) to support research into metal pastes for electrical contacts on the p-doped surfaces of solar cells.

Improving the electrical contacts on p-doped surfaces forms a key component of the new n-type solar cell concept – of which back-contact and bifacial cells are examples - and is an important step in the further development of Si solar cells. In these technologies, which will be critical in the next generation of PV devices, creating electrical contacts on p-layers is a tremendous challenge.
The so-called MetalTopp project aims to develop and evaluate metal pastes capable forming a strong metal-semiconductor bond with low output impedance on boron-doped p-type layers. The development aims to achieve laboratory efficiencies of more than 21 per cent for crystalline Si solar cells which can be transferred to industrial production.